fig + brie + prosciutto + puff pastry = yum

I made a puff pastry stuffed with fig spread, brie, and prosciutto last weekend for Number 32 from my life list.

I originally intended to make more of a tart or roll, but I accidentally bought pastry shells instead of sheets. I made the shells according to instructions, except I removed the shells from the oven about two minutes before they were done. Then I removed the little cap, dropped in a tablespoon of fig preserves, about a tablespoon of brie, and one or so slices of prosciutto. I replaced the cap and stuck them back in the oven for about two minutes. Voila. Easy and delicious!

Here are a few other recipes that are similar.

Fig, Brie, & Prosciutto Tarts from La Figi Mama

Brie and Fig Tartlets from Athens

Prosciutto, Brie, and Fig Pinwheels from Laurie Roland

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