I often joke that all the art genes skipped me and went to my sisters, Eeyore and SG. They’re both pursuing more artistic careers, one as a buyer for clothing stores and the other as a photographer/graphic designer. I do have a creative side, but I suppose I was never brave enough to see where it might lead.

My lack of art genes is most obvious in my fashion sense. I’m a terrible shopper. I’m awful at making outfits. Perhaps I take too structured of an approach rather than letting things come together organically? At any rate, I’m thankful to have folks around me to help out.

I’ve decided one strategy to dressing better is to share my purchases on Polyvore and have Eeyore put together outfits. In a moment of melancholy last week, I splurged on this green polkadot skirt from Anthropologie (oh goodness, what was I thinking!). My excuse was that it fit well, which is rare.

I added the item to my polyvore, let Eeyore know, and voila!

Sisters Work Ensamble
Sisters Work Ensamble by holley83 featuring a chain necklace

Do you have any tips for the fashion-challenged?

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