I feel somewhat lucky to be living within close proximity of most of B’s family. His (retired) parents live about one hour away. His aunt (mom’s sister), uncle, and teenage cousin live about twenty minutes away. His cousin (mom’s niece) and her husband and two kids live ten minutes away. His only living grandmother (mom’s mother) is moving here in about a month. His godfather (dad’s best friend) and his wife and two adult children all live in the metro area. There’s another uncle (mom’s brother) in Colorado and a cousin (mom’s nephew) in New York City, but that’s really it.

At times, I’m envious of how easy it is for B to have brunch with his family on the weekends. I missing being able to take a weekend road trip to see my parents just because I feel like it.

On the other hand, I couldn’t have asked for a better proxy family.

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