I finally took some time to create my own colorful and eye-catching Crayola Masterpiece. The project is shockingly simple. The total cost of the project was just under $20 for the large box of crayons, a glue gun and a canvas. 

Gluing each crayon to the canvas was the most time consuming part of the project. It took about a half hour to attach about 50 crayons to the board. My friend and I then headed to the bathroom from some prep for the final part. We got a huge piece of cardboard that covered a portion of the floor and extended a few feet on each side of the canvas. We found that the most effective way to blow dry the crayons was to aim toward the middle of the crayon and motion your hand downward to allow the wax to trickle down. Make sure you sit your canvas at a slight angle so that it is easier for the wax to roll down the board. Also, think about which direction you want to aim the blow dryer for different effects on the board. When you are done, leave the board out to dry for an hour. All done! Are you ready to get colorful

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