apocalypse now

I love the apocalypse and disaster genres, especially when the end of mankind has something to do with zombies or vampires. Here are some of my favorite movies and televisions shows about the survival of the human race.


Battlestar Galactica: In this continuation of the 1970s series, robots invade mankind’s territory after a long truce. This series deals with real-world ethical dilemmas in a compelling and thoughtful way. Plus, it has the will-they-or-won’t-they romance of Starbuck and Apollo. Sigh.

Jericho: While this tv series was short-lived, it had quite the cult following. After a series of nuclear explosions devastates the US, a small town in Kansas attempts to get some normalcy again.  Skeet Ulrich is perfect as the bad-apple youngest son of the town’s beloved mayor. It’s a fun, little series with great characters and wonderfully cheesy plot twists. Plus, it’s got that woman who plays everyone’s mother and Skeet’s squinty-eyed serious face. Can’t beat that.

Dead Set: Imagine: You’re a contestant on the reality show, Big Brother, when zombies attack. You think you’re are safe in your locked-down compound, but boy, are you wrong.  This British series is fantastic.

The Walking Dead: A group of strangers cling to life and each other as zombies take over the US. For this one, I actually read the graphic novel first. The jury’s still out on the tv version, but I have high hopes.


Sunshine: In this British sci-fi film, a group of scientists attempt to save the sun from dying. Humans need sun, folks, but in moderation. No zombies, but Cillian Murphy is great.

Children of Men: It’s the future. The government is evil. Folks are unable to procreate. One man sets out to make a difference. There’s a moment near the end that just blew me away.

I Am Legend: I haven’t read the book this film is based on or seen the other adaptations (The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man). Will Smith plays a scientist working to create a remedy for a virus that turns people into zombie-like beings.

28 Days Later: This is another Danny Boyle/Cillian Murphy film, like Sunshine. A man wakes up 28 days after a rage virus wipes out London. Survival at its best!

28 Weeks Later: This sequel to 28 Days Later focuses on one British family and the US solders tasked with securing their hometown. This movie also sparked my crush on Jeremy Renner.

Shawn of the Dead: A funny zombie love story.


The Strain Trilogy: When I heard that Guillermo del Toro was co-writing a vampire trilogy, I couldn’t wait to pick it up. I’ve read the first two in the trilogy, and they did not disappoint. It’s not Shakespeare of Faulkner or anything, but these books are fun!

The Walking Dead: This graphic novel is vulgar and graphic and compelling and gripping. Much better than the television show.

Video Games

Resident Evil 4: Ok, so I didn’t really play this game, but I watched B play it. I really got into the killing the possessed beings thing.

What are your favorite disaster/apocalypse movies, tv shows, and books?

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