my life list

Several of the folks in my office are creating “Thirty before Thirty” lists. Y’all know I like a good list! Because I only have about five months until my thirtieth birthday, I opted to make a life list instead. Here it is! I’m happy to report that I accomplished my inaugural item by donating blood for the first time!

  1. Donate blood (08/24/11)
  2. Read/re-read all of William Faulkner’s novels
  3. Take tennis lessons
  4. Try to ski
  5. Join or start a young adult fiction book club
  6. Take a road trip through the northwest quadrant of the US
  7. Find and master recipes for 1) chicken and dumplings, 2) banana pudding, 3) corn bread, 4) shrimp and garlic cheese grits, 5) noodle kugel, 6) bun, 7) cinnamon rolls, 8) biscuits and gravy
  8. Grow a vegetable garden
  9. Do fifty push-ups
  10. Tithe (resources and time) for one year
  11. Pay off my student loans
  12. Pay off my parents’ share of my student loans
  13. Send my parents on a vacation
  14. Live by a body of water
  15. See cherry blossoms bloom in Japan
  16. Aim to complete one act of kindness for family, friends, and strangers each day
  17. Create a coffee table book about 1) WPA projects, 2) roadside memorials
  18. Take a photography class
  19. Learn to sew
  20. Learn to edit videos
  21. Have more than one child
  22. Have a family vacation spot that we go to every year
  23. Get a psychic reading
  24. Run a race, at least 5K
  25. Record my loved ones telling stories
  26. Practice existing and develop new family traditions
  27. Send one handwritten card per week for a year
  28. Make something using letterpress
  29. Cut my hair super short
  30. See Dolly Parton in concert
  31. Do a split
  32. Bake one new sweet treat every week for one year
  33. Win an award
  34. Visit ten non-US destinations
  35. See a tornado in person
  36. Have a blueberry bush in my yard
  37. Master my headaches
  38. Have a real old-fashioned clawfoot bath tub
  39. Take riding lessons again
  40. Go to a yoga retreat with friends

What’s on your life list?

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